Club Rules

abridged version showing only those rules of direct relevance to members

  1. AIMS

    • The Club shall be called the Basset Hound Owners Club - celebrating the breed in the South East and its objects are to encourage and support responsible Basset Hound ownership, arranging walk and events at which hounds and owners can socialise and, where possible, assisting with their problems.


    • Membership is open to owners and intending owners of Basset Hounds subject to approval of the committee who may (without giving reasons but by a majority of at least 3 of those attending that committee meeting) refuse any application, such decision to be final.


      1. A Members Meeting shall be held in conjunction with our September walk each year and Club members shall receive 28 days notice accompanied by an agenda.

      2. An Extraordinary Members Meeting shall be called if at least 15 paid up members so request in writing signed by them all indicating the matters for discussion. The meeting shall take place within 60 days of the request being received by the Hon. Secretary and only matters relevant to the request shall be discussed. Members shall be notified of the meeting (with agenda) at least 28 days in advance.


    1. Annual subscriptions shall become due on 1st January in each year.

    2. No member whose subscription is unpaid by 31st January in each year shall be entitled to the privileges of membership (including all voting rights and insurance cover if provided) except that the committee shall have power to re-instate membership on payment of the amount outstanding.

    3. Members joining on or after 1st October in any year shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges of membership up to 31st December in the following year.


    • Any matters not covered by these Rules shall be referred to and decided by the Committee whose decision shall be final.