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All now go “AARH!”

’Pickles’ joins Hastings and Inch at Huguette and John’s home. This very handsome young chap, now four months old, was bred in Belgium by a lady called Annick, who also, I think, bred Hastings and to whom he is related.

He was brought along to the October walk, but my first meeting with him was at Airman’s Grave in November, and I was very impressed. Besides being very good looking, he has a really sound construction, standing very square and strong even at this young age.

He was very excited and interested to meet the other hounds. Because of his age he only did a short walk, but when older I’m sure he will be a strong presence in the Club ‘pack,’ on his future visits to the UK.

As Huguette says of him, “So small and already half-British!”

Pickles certainly seems to have firmly established his position in the family as you can see from his bowl - and as for John, Hastings and Inch, well it all seems far too much!

Photo credits © Huguette Vanden Weghe 2016

‘KC, Boris, and Hank.’

Photo credit © Brian Malin 2016

Above is ‘KC’, Chairman Brian and Jill’s latest addition. Malrich Tracey (aka ‘KC’) has just turned five years old. He was bred by Debbie Ellrich, a favoured breeder of Brian and Jill and, interestingly, our Webmaster and Miranda. Certainly, he looks very handsome.

Photo credit © Ali Thompson 2016

New member, Ali Thompson has send this photo of Boris (left) who is about nine years old and was a former stray; and Hank who is six. I’m sure that these lovely rescued boys will really enjoy their new home and becoming a very active part of the Club ‘pack’.


Photo credit © Alex Stallwood 2016

Please meet Harvey.

Harvey - here looking quite magisterial - is the new boss in the Stallwood household.

Alex and James have recently joined the Club and tell me that he is a Basset/ Cocker Spaniel cross. After seeing him at the Airman’s Grave walk, he certainly appears more Basset Hound that anything else - though with very dark colouring. As Alex said, "Harvey's all Bassett to us".

He took a very active part on the walk and joined in well playing with the others. I’m sure they all regarded him as a true fellow Basset Hound.

Welcome to the pack.

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