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For the Furries

Furry Godmother

Discounted Microchipping

As many of you may be aware, a new law means all dogs must be mircochipped by April 2016.

Our very own Furry Dogmother (Sally Cooper) is offering microchipping to any BHOC members for ₤10 (usually ₤15)

The procedure only takes a couple of minutes and can be done at future walks.

Achey Backs

Keith Sparling, an Essex based Oesteopath, now offers sessions for our canine counterparts.

Sally King shares: ‘After a session, Rolph ran up a flight of steps, beating me and Clara and spent the next few days being as naughty as he was before he got old and achy’

All sessions are held at your home, to keep your hound calm and happy. Find out more by emailing:


The above are included for completeness, to illustrate the content of our newsletter, but it should be borne in mind they date from publication in December 2014 and after all this time, may well be out of date. The BHOC does not offer any endorsement or guarantee in respect of them.

Lowdown Winter 2014

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