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19th October 2014 ☆ Miranda Harris

Two days before hurricane Gonzalo blew in, all was calm with a few quick bursts of rain before the walk started. A dampness in the air stirred up the ground scents and made it exciting for the hounds - all 22 of them! The dampness didn’t subdue the autumnal sunshine so mild and sunny - perfect!

The walk was along a combination of wide-open grassy paths with vistas across the Ashdown Forest - not that the hounds cared about that - and then over moorland where if the hounds had wanted to, they could have disappeared into the long grass and only a white tail might show.

In fact, the hounds stuck together and interacted joyfully with each other apart from two who decided to go off for a picnic 300 yards away, but their absence was noted and their tail top markers were spotted.

Autumn is a great time to walk - mild, colourful vistas, fresh smells and as always, a convivial group of basset hound owners to walk with.

Lowdown Winter 2014

first published in LOWDOWN

guest editor Thea King