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A short message from Tony

I just wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Thea for undertaking the role of Guest Editor for this issue of Lowdown.

I have always wanted to make our newsletter as inclusive as possible - whether by including members’ articles or photographs of their hounds. So, to have talented Thea offer to take over this edition was too good an opportunity to pass by. I know we will all enjoy reading it.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who sent good wishes to me following my stroke last Easter. I was very lucky to get away relatively unscathed. Thankfully, my recovery has progressed well. Happy Christmas, everyone!

Lowdown Winter 2014

‘My personal thanks goes to the whole Committee for their support and dedication over the year’

Thankfully, the low attendance proved to be a one off, but it set me thinking whether we could improve our programme and in particular whether we would do better with a lively new chairman, with bright new ideas.

After much thought, I felt we could do no better than our tried and tested programme. We will perhaps tweak it when inspiration strikes, or when you, the members, make suggestions, which I assure you will be discussed at the next committee.

A number of you have the appetite for optional refreshment after walks. The Roebuck on the A22 is not more than a mile from the Broadstone/ Millbrook East (The Dumps) and Long car parks. It has spacious parking and serves coffee and snacks as well as lunch.

Lowdown Winter 2014

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guest editor Thea King