LOWDOWN Winter 2010

NEWS HOUND - scenting out a good story.


This year’s Fun Day proved one thing; it takes more than a few heavy, summer downpours to dampen this Branch’s spirit!

As committee members arrived early in the day to set up this event at Crowhurst village hall the sky was beginning to turn a little threatening. Ever optimistic, the ring, tables and chairs were set up outside on the playing fields; and very neat it all looked.

One table displayed the impressive raffle prizes, generously donated by members; another had a small display of trophies and Branch memorabilia, together with their history.

These cups and trophies were once presented by the Branch to members for succeeding at local Dog Shows. With the decline of interest in these events, they are no longer awarded - though it is still interesting to see them and learn a little of our history

This all looked very jolly, indeed. So, it was very sad that soon after members began arriving, the rains came and everything had to be quickly moved indoors.

In true Blighty spirit, committee, members - and even our guest judge and her friends - mucked-in together and set out chairs around in the hall.

Jill, ably assisted by her grand-daughters, organises the new arrivals’ name tags.

Here, in the steamy atmosphere created by damp people and hounds, our Chairman announced that the schedule would be altered to enable the fun classes to take place before the races. This promised to be a potentially less hazardous activity in the confines of the hall. Brian greeted and introduced our guest judge, Maureen Pearcey, who commenced judging the various fun classes, which were stewarded by Jean.

The fun classes were entered into with much good humour and afterwards a wonderful buffet lunch was enjoyed by everyone. After this enjoyable interval, the rain began to abate; so we all moved outside and the games began.

Frankie and Sue organised the heats which were enthusiastically contested. We watched agile hounds and handlers negotiate a slalom course. There was also the ever popular dressing-up race and, perhaps the contest most enjoyed by the hounds themselves - the sausage race. Though in this case, cheese quiche was substituted, as someone had forgotten to pack forty mini-sausages and left them in the fridge at home. This resulted in Pablo and Nico enjoying a few late-night suppers and regarded me as the best hunter and provider on the planet.

I should at this stage publish all the results of the classes and races - and in a way I am.

Below is the soggy, disintegrating list of winners as it was at the end of a wet, but really enjoyable fun day - make of it what you can! Anyway, very many congratulations to the winners - you know who you are.

Judge Maureen Pearcey with Victoria Melody & Major Tom

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts