LOWDOWN Winter 2009 page 26


Tony Roberts

(Ed. Jean was understandably absent from this walk)

The Sullington Warren walk and barbecue is an eagerly anticipated summer tradition and we are normally very lucky with the weather. However, this year we drove through a few showers to reach the venue and cloudy, threatening skies lasted throughout the walk.

These conditions seemed to suit the hounds no end and they set out through the woods at some speed. They were all really excited to be together again and seemed to be aware that some of Brian’s barbecued sausages would be available for them later.

The great advantage of this walk is the possibility of an alternative shorter route for elderly and unfit hounds; and at the bottom of the wooded hill we re-grouped so that this option could be taken.

The walk soon opened out onto Downland which offered some glorious sweeping views.

One regular point on this walk is the steep climb to a rocky vantage point. This climb tests some of us, but also rewards the effort with even more spectacular scenery.

After a few moments rest we headed down the far side of the hill - our descent somewhat quicker that our climb.

There was a distinctly jolly mood to the walk which displayed itself when we came across some paddles which are used to put out brush fires. Certain members of the group thought it fun to wave these about, wildly. Though, no doubt, there are strict bye-laws safeguarding them from misuse, I will not assist the authorities by naming these culprits. However, as can be seen in the photo - it was the usual suspects! And all very funny.

This happy band then headed back to the car park and drove in convoy to Jill and Brian’s home.

What followed was a wonderful feast of grilled food and salads and desserts. Beer and wine flowed; and the hounds ate their, long awaited, sausages.

I must apologise, dear reader, for the lack of any photographs to illustrate this super meal my camera battery was exhausted. However, this lovely day is recorded permanently in all our memories. Once again, many thanks, Jill and Brian.

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first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts