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If you have not previously attended any of our walks then do give them a try. Basset Hounds are naturally pack animals and love the opportunity of ‘letting-off steam’ by chasing across the countryside together. Their owners quite enjoy it as well!

ASHDOWN FOREST- 14th June 2009.

(Ed. As this meet took place on the weekend following Dusty Miller’s funeral, Jean, understandably, was absent. My report follows).

Twenty eight hounds with their owners gathered for this year’s Midsummer walk and picnic on the evening of a lovely hot day.

This lively pack set off in high spirits, seemingly very pleased to be able to chase each other across this part of the forest.

We took the normal circular route, following tracks that were surprisingly parched considering the amount of rain that had fallen earlier in the week.

Perhaps it was the time of day, or the warm conditions, but the field was soon strung out over quite a distance. The walk proceeded without much incident. At one point a large Staffie-cross came crashing towards the front hound, but when he realised that he was greatly outnumbered by Bassets he had second thoughts and quickly retreated.

As a picnic was in prospect, this walk was not too long. Even so, by the time we returned to the car park, hounds and owners did appear to have had a sufficient workout.

Picnic tables were assembled and soon groaned under the amount of everyone’s picnic contributions. The hounds were watered and we all gathered around this very impressive spread.

Brian rang a bell which was engraved with Dusty Miller’s name -presented to the branch by Roy Drew - and a few moments of silence allowed the company to remember this sweet man we all greatly miss.

As the shadows lengthened we all sat around eating, drinking and chatting.       

It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all.

Jim returning first from the walk to report to the
branch’s hound creche and car park security patrol:
Terry, Jill, Roy, Michael and Bob

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