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Nutley Village Memorial Hall, East Sussex Sunday, 17th March.

This year's Club AGM took place immediately following our Long Car Park walk in March. The AGM is a requirement of BHOC rules, and it does give members a chance to raise issues for the Committee to consider at future meetings. As ever, attendance by members is low, I guess we can take this a a sign of general satisfaction with what we are doing.

We were without the usual guidance from our esteemed Chairman Brian, so your editor was asked to chair the meeting in his absence - which he did with considerable flair and elan.

All existing Officers and Committee members were re-elected to their positions, and Mr Andrew Mitchell was unanimously elected to join them. Andrew will be a considerable addition to the governance of the BHOC and we are all very pleased to welcome him.

Many members in the audience present thanked the Committee for their work, and this was greatly appreciated.

Tea, coffee, and some light refreshments were served.

Of course, comments and suggestions about how the BHOC can be improved or managed differently are most welcome, and can be made at any time to a Committee member.

Mr Michael Errey

As this issue was being put together, it was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Michael Errey on 22nd May. He was eighty-seven years old.

Michael was an old-school countryman and huntsman - red in tooth and claw.

For many years he was Chairman of the Basset Hound Club. Later while serving on the BHC South East Branch committee he encouraged us to become an independent club. On our formation he kindly agreed to be the BHOC's first President. Though very ill for many years, he would often attend our Club's Committee meetings, and could be seen at our Fun Days when well enough to so do.

The breed has lost a great supporter. Our sympathies go out to his wife, Avril.

I plan to include a proper obituary to Michael in the next issue of Lowdown.

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