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Harry is this issue’s cover star, and very handsome he is. He belongs to Sue and Paul Hollowell who kindly sent Lowdown some super images of him together with the details below. Harry’s misdemeanours are numerous!

Apart from thinking he's a Spaniel (who he shares us with) and bombing around after him - although on some days, I swear he also thinks he's a Labrador as he regularly steals the loo roll and runs off with it trailing (and us chasing him).

He loves sunbathing too and I'm relegated to the bench whilst he gets prime sun-bed position! His two passions in life are food and cuddles, but mainly food!

He's fortunate enough to live near Uncle Brian and Aunty Jill, and has been for a few sleep overs too which he loves. He adores hanging out with Chevy, Norris and KC; Chevy is very protective over him which is so cute!

Paul and I are totally Basset converted and absolutely love Harry! We want more! We love the fact that we belong to a club and that we can meet up, get ideas and advice, and enjoy Harry being part of a large pack where he really comes into his own.

He's seven months old now and weighing in at 21.5kg - just like a torpedo when I'm trying to get him in and out of the car!

George our Cocker Spaniel is still fighting for top place (at 17 months old) but doesn't stand a chance as Harry is definately the boss.

Hope to see you soon, best, Sue and Paul (Harry & George!)

Words & Images by kind permission of ©2017 Sue Hollowell.

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts

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