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Winnie’s Wheelbarrow
Fighter ace

In ‘From The Chair’, Brian’s wartime (WWII, not Boar War) reminisces about as a very, very, young lad walking his Springer Spaniel Kim on the Downs. No doubt spotting RAF fighter planes soaring through the skies, or in dog fights - no pun intended - jogged a memory.

I remembered us attending an early BHC Branch Fun Day, probably in the eighties (1980's not 1880's WM), and entering our hound at the time, Sigmund, in the Fancy Dress competition.

Frankie designed and made a costume that she called Fighter Ace - and won with it. This small achievement was featured in the canine newspaper, Dog World (see news clipping below).

It’s offally good!

Winnie’s Wheelbarrow is for all the ‘odds & sods’ - orphaned snippets which do not have a home elsewhere in Lowdown.

It takes its title from Winifred Burgess, who with her husband, Norman, owned a kennel of Basset Hounds in Ringmer, Near Lewes, East Sussex, back in the sixties.

Winnie was a well-known sight in the village, regularly spotted with her wheelbarrow collecting offal for the hounds from the nearby abattoir.

During the closed season, hunt supporters would exercise the hounds on Ashdown Forest at venues that the BHOC continues to use today.

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Winnie’s Wheelbarrow ☞

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts