LOWDOWN Summer 2015 page 37

Winnie’s Wheelbarrow
Just what the doctor (well, vet) ordered!

Photo courtesy of Huguette Vanden Weghe ©2015

I’ve heard from Huguette - our lovely friend and member from Belgium - that Hastings, her handsome male Basset, is suffering the ill effects of having an hernia - hence his absence from a few recent Club walks.

He is undergoing a course of medication from the local vet who has ordered him to rest and recuperate.

As you can see from Hugs’ photo, he is taking this advice very seriously; and is being encouraged to do so by dear house-mate Inch.

We look forward to Hastings making a very quick recovery and to seeing them all on Hugs and John’s next trip over here to their place in Sussex.

Huguette also shares with us details of Hastings and Inch’s feline housemates.

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown
Winnie’s Wheelbarrow ☞

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts