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18th May 2014 ☆ Jean Miller

We started the walk in beautiful sunny weather. There were twenty-five hounds and one honorary - plus owners. A very good turnout as this venue is quite a distance for some of our members.

Frankie had managed to get the day off from work, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her. Roger had come along for a little cuddle with Speckles, but then stayed after the walk for the alfresco picnic which was good news for us all.

The walk started and Rose found herself a new little friend called Oliver. They looked as though they were enjoying themselves, running along happily together. I expect she was pleased as sometimes she is on her own with all the grown-ups (unless Ethan comes to keep her company).

This walk is rather a long one - quite steep in parts - so some members took the long path and others the shorter, more level one - eventually meeting up on the return path to the car park.

We started putting the picnic food and drink out and were about to invite everyone to ‘tuck in’ when we realised that some of the party hadn’t returned - Frankie, Wendy, Geoff and Bassets, George and Alban and Collie Ben were missing!

We decided they must have taken a wrong turn and got lost, an easy thing to do in these woods. It got later and later and in the end we were getting really worried.

We started on the picnic as the time was getting on. Eventually, much to our relief, the missing trio returned, it turns out after doing their good deed for the day.

They had come across a little Staffie terrier who was alone and lost in the woods. They took care of him and began searching for his owner. This they eventually managed, but only after some considerable time. The Staffie’s owner was naturally delighted to be reunited and very grateful to our rescue team.

Our heroes returned to the picnic site, luckily, we had left some morsels of picnic for them.

We all sat around eating, drinking and generally chatting in the most beautiful sunshine. We were all enjoying ourselves so much that it was quite late in the afternoon before we made our way home.

(Above: Eponymous hostess Jean at the centre of attention with her many loyal canine followers; food might also be involved.)

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