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THE HOLLIES’ CAR PARK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
13th April 2014 ☆ Jean Miller

This was another beautiful day - perfect for walking. We had a total of thirty-one hounds and one honorary Basset.

Where it had been a virtual mud-bath on our previous visit, now it was dry underfoot with spring definitely raising its head. The trees were in blossom and there were other walkers, some with dogs, who were also taking advantage of the weather. We even saw several ponies with their riders all enjoying the day.

Lyn and John’s daughter had recently got married, and before starting off they showed us all some lovely photographs of the wedding, with Lin and John looking very proud parents.

We commiserated with Sue and Terry who had not only lost Lola recently, but also Joe. They were very busy as Sue had had her “Welfare Hat” on again, and had rescued two lady Bassets and a puppy cross Basset/Beagle. The two lady Bassets were unfortunately having to be re-homed due to the illness of their owner. Meanwhile Sue and Terry were keeping them at their home for a little while.

The pup’s name was Boysey, but as he was only five months old Terry looked after him while the walk was going on. Boysey had much fuss made of him by everyone and several offers to re-home him. Sue had heard of someone who had just lost

their Basset/Beagle cross, so is hopeful the person will be interested in homing him. This walk is a particularly interesting one as it always has people wanting to see the actual Airman’s Grave. The story of this is very well known, and has been written about in previous editions of ‘Lowdown’.

Miranda is still having treatment for her foot and was unable to attend this walk, leaving Derek to battle on alone with Hope and Dill.

Roger was again one of the first at the car park. It was lovely to see the way Roger and Speckles greeted one another. He must be very pleased to see how well she has settled with Rose, Sarah, Eion and Harry.

(Ed: This walk is a personal favourite of mine. I really like the broad, open walkways with magnificent distant views across the Forest.

Those familiar with the walk will know that the first stage goes past the Airmans’ Grave memorial and then drops down towards a stream which allows the hounds to wade in and get covered in glorious mud.

This part of the Forest is very popular with riders. Some of whom can be upon us very suddenly and with little warning.

If you happen to be in the front section of our walk and you spot approaching riders, please put your hound on a lead and call back to any trailing groups and alert them to the equestrian presence. Also allow them space when passing, as some hounds are very skittish when close to these towering creatures. And vice-versa).

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editor Tony Roberts