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LONG CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
16th March 2014 Jean Miller

The weather was perfect today, warm and sunny and just right for a walk. We were very pleased to see a large crowd of members and hounds in the car park, and on counting the dogs we had thirty-nine hounds, plus two honorary hounds.

Jill and Brian had recently been to Crufts, showing Chevvy in Veteran Dog. Sally and Damon just managed to get there in time to see Brian and Chevvy get a 1st place (after having gone in the wrong entrance and having to go through all five halls). Bassets are always in Hall 5 and I can assure you it is quite a walk (even to go through just one hall).

Damon had taken photographs and presented Jill and Brian with a lovely framed photograph of Brian and Chevvy with his rosette. Needless to say, they were really delighted.

We couldn’t believe the temperature as it was 19 degrees. Also, most of the paths had dried up due to the good weather of the past week, but as usual, the hounds found all the mud and arrived back decidedly dirty.

One of Sue’s girls, obviously feeling thirsty, had managed to get down a very steep bank and was having a good drink in the stream at the bottom. A few of us stood at the top thinking she would need rescuing, when she suddenly raced to the top and joined the rest of the pack, with a look at us which said, “I’m a basset and can cope with these things - I don’t need your help thank you!”

WALKS ETIQUETTE: On certain Club walks we come across horse riders - some moving quite fast. On these occasions it is wise to put any untethered hounds on leads.

Also, please warn others behind in the group to be aware of the approaching equestrians.

“Enjoy the walk?”

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