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19th January 2014 Jean Miller

If you have not previously attended any of our Club walks, which we have most months, then do try them.

Basset Hounds are naturally pack animals and love getting together. It is a constant joy to see them ‘letting-off steam’ by chasing across some wonderful countryside.

Their owners quite enjoy it as well and come from far and wide!

Note: Please control your hounds on walks and put them on short leads should they become a nuisance to other hounds.

The BHOC provides Public Liability insurance cover for all our walks and other events.

This is a new walk for our new Club and what a wonderful start for our first walk with our new Basset Hound Owners’ Club.

The weather was sunny and mild, and we had a total of thirty-five hounds and one honorary hound, plus owners, of course. A terrific effort! Frankie had brought a basket full of mince pies and handed them round before we set off, and very welcome they were.

Jill and Brian had just re-homed a new puppy (seven-month old Norris) and Zoe and Russell had also added to their pack with puppy Henry (six-months old). Of course, they were both the centre of attention and thought the walk a great adventure.

The walk began across quite a flat area, but which rapidly changed to a very steep, very slippery, downward slope. Here I was very grateful for Bob’s kind assistance. Upon reaching the bottom and crossing a shallow stream we took a much easier course. Several members commented upon the glorious scenery.

Continuing over this varied terrain one could see how the forest had been recently subject to a tremendous amount of rain, with mud and ponds everywhere. But, it was such a lovely sunny day we were all so pleased to be able to get out and enjoy it.

After some group photographs were taken we then wended our way back to the car park.

Helen then produced a tray of nutty flapjacks and handed them around, so we were really spoilt.

The present Committee were delighted with the support given, and hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

(Ed: Jean, you are absolutely right about the muddy terrain. Heavy rain had fallen in the southeast and most of the Forest pathways and trails had become streams. All but the most whimpy hounds really enjoyed these conditions and the opportunity to change the colour of their coats to sludgy-brown.

This new walk involved negotiating a steep decline down to a small stream. This achieved successfully, one could witness the sight of following groups attempting the muddy downhill slalom with the hounds hindering their progress when they could - like something from a silent movie.

This was one of those walks, upon completion, where one felt a real sense of achievement.

Well done to everyone who made this walk.)

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