LOWDOWN Summer 2014 page 5

From the Club Chair Brian Malin

It is a few months since we toasted the New Year, but you may remember a mysterious, metallic, jangling, clinking sound at midnight. I can reveal there was no mystery, it was just your Officers and Committee throwing off their shackles and celebrating the dawn of independence, in the knowledge that they will be responsible solely to you, our members.

For us, celebrating our breed in the South East, this really is the Year of the Basset!

I hope you feel it has been an exciting start for our Club - no longer just a branch welded to to a tree - but a sturdy sapling in its own right bursting with growth thanks to you the Members and especially the Founding Members who showed their enthusiasm, not only by paying their subscriptions promptly, but generously topping them up, thus enabling us to start on a sound financial basis on which to build.

We will continue benefitting our hounds in the same way as in our former life and the first two walks attracted numbers equal to our previous best - whilst the third walk went five better with new members each time to boot.

With all your help, let’s keep it up. As the South East Branch seems to be reviving, however feebly, it is important for everyone to spread the word about the BHOC.

It is good to report that the Basset Hound Club have given us complete assurance, on which we were adamant, that the old Branch funds (£17,000 odd) will be completely ring-fenced for the Branch as and when it revives.

This was our price for independence!

On a personal note, I could not wish for a more supportive and dedicated Committee. I am particularly indebted to Frankie (a much greater burden to bear this year); Tony (some great design work and for the first BHOC Lowdown); Derek (setting up his new, unbeatable Club website); and Jayne (for coping with additional accounts and bank hassle); whilst Sue continues the important work with Basset Hound Welfare.

Let our slogan for this year be

‘Onwards and Upwards’!


Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts