LOWDOWN Summer 2014 page 3

  The Editor’s Bark!   woof!   woof!   woof!

Hi everyone. Welcome to this first issue of BHOC’s Lowdown.

Well, we did it. I suppose that it could be said that we finally branched out!

I know that I speak for the entire committee when I say how touched we have been by the massive support shown by you, our members, for this new venture.

I think we are all amazed that the BHOC has become so popular, so quickly. I understand from our Hon Secretary - a nice lady - that at the time of publishing this issue we have ninety-four members. For any new club to do this well in the first six months is remarkable.

The Club’s membership is made up of many old friends - both two & four legged - & it has been a joy to see us joined by some new faces.

So our heartfelt thanks go out to you all.

I hope to use this little publication to record the Club’s walks & other events; to include articles & information which might be of interest to you as owners; & generally to reflect the joy & pleasure of our sharing life with our favourite breed. Those of you who were familiar with Lowdown in its former incarnation will note I have made a few changes, mostly stylistic, as I wanted it to have a fresh look which suited its new role. Nothing too radical - I hope you approve. As before, I want to include as many of your contributions as possible. So please feel free to submit them.

This newsletter is the perfect forum for you to share your Basset Hound related stories & observations with like-minded friends. So please submit articles & photographs for consideration.

Our brilliant webmaster, Derek, has produced the new Club website, it is interesting, informative, & works in tandem with Lowdown in keeping members fully up to date with the latest Club news.

Of course, the website has a few advantages over this modest newsletter.

I recommend that those wanting to find easy directions to our walks & other events visit the site where they will find these plus maps, satnav files & other links relating to our walks & other events.

When using these, there is no longer any excuse for driving desperately along Ashdown Forest lanes searching for our walk venues. It is always worth checking with the website for any last-minute changes to events.

There are several thanks that I need to make.

Firstly, the charming drawings used throughout this newsletter, & especially our logo, are the work of Sheila Williams. She has kindly allowed us to reproduce them at no cost to the Club, so many thanks Sheila for this.

Also thanks go to committee member Chris Cooper for the lovely cover image of the trio of hounds.

I invite all members to submit any photos you have taken that might make an attractive Lowdown cover.

I am sure that we are all looking forward to a (hopefully) lovely summer spent with our hounds. I know several members plan their holidays with their pets in mind.

Certainly, we hope to get away for a few trips in the caravan. When we visited the storage site where it is overwintered Pablo & Nico got very excited. The couldn’t wait to jump aboard & again try out their sleeping quarters - obviously, they have good memories of past trips.

I hope that you all have a great time spent with your wonderful hounds & enjoy your BHOC walks & events.


first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts