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GILL’S LAP CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
20th January 2013 ☆ Derek Harris

Uniquely, the committee decided to cancel this walk due to the recent very heavy downfalls of snow which potentially posed treacherous conditions underfoot for both owners and hounds.
Basset Hounds in the snow on Ashdown Forest

WM None of this stopped Russell and me. We both thought we’d go along just in case someone turned up.

February 2013 ☆ Tony Roberts

Unfortunately, neither Frankie (who was working) nor Jean (who was nursing Cass after an operation) could make this walk, so I turned up accompanied only by Pablo and Nico.

It wasn’t the brightest morning - being overcast, cold and windy. Still, twenty-lovely hounds gathered at this ‘meet’ and all seemed very eager to set off.

The ground was still frozen and deeply rutted and was quite difficult to negotiate. This and the weather made this quite a difficult walk.

Brian led a few members on a shorter, easier walk, while the main group went clockwise around a longer, circular route, thus avoiding the steep, tiring climb at right at the end.

Even though we took the easier way, the pace was quite slow - for the two-legged walkers at least - the group became separated. Frequently, the vanguard waited for those behind to catch up.

At one point, poor Lin had a funny turn and needed a short rest. So, it was good to see that she seemed to have fully recovered by the end of the walk.

At one point, we came across a family sitting on the ground and having a picnic. The sight of the approaching hounds caused then to hastily finish their lunch and move on. One couldn’t but help admire their hardiness, given the wintery conditions.

I was at the front of the main group, pretending to lead the walk, unaware that, at the rear, my Nico was being a bit of a pest with some of the ‘girls’ - poor chap, he really can’t help it. Luckily, Sue was at hand to take control and put him on a lead. He was led into the car park looking a little sheepish. Thanks, Sue, for all your help.

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first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts