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LONG CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
17th December 2012 Jean Miller

The day started by not being quite sure of itself. There was slight rain in the air, but by the time we reached Ashdown Forest, it had brightened and the sun was shining.

We had a total of twenty-five hounds plus two honorary hounds, which was a good turnout so near Christmas.

Frankie and Tony had very thoughtfully brought with them a large dish full of still warm mince pies which were much enjoyed by everyone. It was a pity that, due to the fact that most people were driving, the mulled wine accompaniment was decided against.

Brian had recently had an operation on his ear and very bravely arrived still with all the dressings in place. We all wish him a speedy recovery and hope the operation was a great success.

A herd of deer were spotted during the walk, and there were also warning signs noted that dogs had been killing the sheep in the forest.

Frankie would like to thank Chris and Eoin (in his uniform as he was working later) for their help as it was her first outing after being ill and she found the going difficult.

Sheila and Dennis’s Bella was on her first walk and really enjoyed herself.

Sarah had an interesting tale to tell as she remembers going to the then South East Branch’s Secretary’s parties at Ide Hill in Kent. Heather Freeman used to have garden parties for members and their hounds. Sarah says she was taken by her mother who was a member, and this happened 30 years ago. I can also remember going to these events, and it’s amazing to think it was that time ago. Where have all those years gone?

We have had a very successful past year with our walks, and the South East Branch continues to expand.

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