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Lowdown readers will remember reading Geoff Alderton’s moving tribute to his late hound, Iggy in a previous issue.

It was obvious from reading the article that he and Iggy were very close. So to mark the hound’s passing, Geoff thought he would like to have Iggy’s portrait tattooed on his chest, above his heart. According to Geoff, it was a little painful (“It’s probably the last time I am having this done. I’m getting too old for this”), but he is pleased with the result.

I wonder if any other members have celebrated their hounds in this way? If so, do please write in and let me know.

While on the subject of needles, Geoff also brought to my attention a rather attractive, hand-made cushion cover that he had spotted on the stall at a local country fair (see below).

Josephine Ellis, who produced this, puts the profits from their sale into rescuing stray and abandoned dogs. She has depictions of most breeds and they are reproduced under licence from the original artists.

I understand they are machine-washable and cost ₤8.50. Though not on the internet, Jo can be contacted on 01728 688124 for further details.

If you come across similar Basset Hound related items on your travels this summer that might be of interest to fellow members then please contact Lowdown and we will publish the details.

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first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts