LOWDOWN Summer 2012


Sadly, just as I was putting this issue ‘to bed’, I heard from Sheila Williams that her lovely, sweet-natured, rescue hound, Bessie - often called ‘The Princess’ - had been put to sleep. She was a little over thirteen years old and her strength and abilities had been deteriorating for some time.

She was an amazing character who was a familiar and ever welcome visitor here at Hounds Lodge. Our ‘boys’ loved her staying with us, just as we did, and she had no trouble putting them in their places. Her very gentle nature guaranteed her absolute reliability with even the youngest children - whom she adored to be with. I will include a longer and more considered tribute to her in the next issue.

Sleep well, little one - you will be dearly missed!

Bessie came to stay with us for seven weeks over Christmas 2005. Bessie & Cocoa went out excitedly into the garden during the evening of Christmas day.

Bessie returned with a rabbit in her mouth.

Bessie and Cocoa were great friends, we miss them both. (WM)

Cocoa & Bessie

Cocoa & Bessie

Cocoa, Pablo & Bessie

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts