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26th February 2012 Jean Miller

Tony very kindly picked me, Annie, and Cass, up for the walk, and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was a lovely spring morning, sunny and very warm for the time of the year.

When we arrived at the car park, with Frankie, Pablo and Nico following (in her very elegant new sports car), Jill, Brian, Barney, Leah and Chevy also parked up a couple of seconds afterwards.

Cars kept arriving until we practically filled the large car park. We were busy greeting members and their hounds, and when they were counted we had reached our target of thirty hounds, with a total of thirty-four hounds (plus four honorary Bassets).

After a group photograph was taken (see above) we all started off down quite a steep slope, unfortunately the slope continued sharply downwards into a stream running along the bottom. A few bassets rushed down into the water.

Without a thought for himself, Eoin (Rose’s Dad) was down the bottom shepherding the runaways and bringing them up to join the pack.

The walk continued, every so often the front runners stopping so that everyone caught up - I plead guilty to this. Some of the members split up and went up another steep path to the top. Rose was lucky as she had a piggy-back. The rest of the party went the long way round and all joined up for the last ten minutes or so.

The Committee were very pleased to see several new members with their lovely Basset Hounds and hope they will try to come to some future events.

Well done everyone - our next target will be forty hounds!

(Ed. Indeed, this was a brilliant walk helped in no small measure by taking place in brilliant sunshine. In fact, it felt quite hot as we headed up the several inclines which are unavoidable when walking in this part of the Forest.

The hounds’ enthusiasm at chasing each other and crashing around the landscape was a joy to behold. I think that the spirits of everyone were lifted by this wonderful day out together.)

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