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LONG CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
20th March 2011 ☆ Jean Miller

The day could not have been better when we set off on this walk. It was bright sunshine and quite warm. Added to this was the fact that we reached our target with a total of thirty-one Bassets and two Newfoundlands.

We also had with us Bronwyn Edwards and her daughter Kendal visiting England from Seattle. Bronwyn is a very enthusiastic Basset owner and has made a delightful DVD called “A Basset Is An Asset” featuring her own bassets. Everyone who is interested in Bassets should see and own this unique piece of filming.

We had two youngsters on the walk, Speckles and Sherlock. They loved everyone and everything, and had great fun playing with one another. When comparing notes the owners found out that they were related with probably the same father and different mothers. No wonder they got on so well!

We also met two separate pairs of Spinoni, the second pair also racing around with the bassets. It’s most unusual to see even one Spinoni.

On our way back we stopped by a pond which had a very steep bank, and some of the more adventurous hounds managed a drink - and one a bath as well! As we neared the car park there was a patch of very uneven bracken, and the three older lady Bassets did not seem to like this undergrowth at all. However we all got back

safely. Photographs and videos were taken of the occasion, and some of them could even appear on the internet!

On a last personal note, I was very pleased to meet Nicola and Will, the owners of Fred and Flora, two of Cass’s puppies. Cass seemed particularly pleased to see them, especially Flora, as he made most unfatherly advances to her, which we had to end by making him stay on the lead!

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