LOWDOWN Summer 2011 page 29

27th February 2011 by Tony Roberts

On this quite mild, dry, morning twenty-six hounds, their owners, and a few ‘honorary’ Basset Hounds met at Broadstone car park. Heavy rain had fallen over the previous days and it was soon evident that very muddy conditions lay ahead for the group. Luckily, wellies seemed to be the prefered footware for our walkers.

Yet again, it was lovely to see several new members turn up. The group was further thrilled to see fourteen-week old, Speckles Howorth appear for her first outing (see photo above and Roger Howarth’s piece on page 38). She is certainly well named, having some very attractive ticking in her coat. Though young, she showed absolutely no fear or concerns of any kind when greeted with great interest by the rest of the pack.

In fact, she soon began chasing many of the much larger hounds across the Forest.I am sure that she will prove to be a real character in the pack over the coming months.

With some local insight from Helen the group set out on a very enjoyable walk.

All the hounds seemed very frisky and excited as they chased each other over the wide causeways. Many of them enjoying the many large, deep puddles along the route. In no time at all legs and undersides were coated with mud - they loved it!

Although ready with my camera, members let me down by not slipping to the ground at any part of the walk. This always makes a good photograph. Sadly, Jean, my ‘star’ in this department was absent from the walk, together with our Secretary and Basset Hound Welfare Representative, both of whom were engaged elsewhere. Had Jean and Sue’s hounds been present we would have easily achieved over thirty Basset Hounds. But it was a very good ‘meet’ none the less.

This was the first walk that Chris Cooper kindly undertook the role of Walks Leader. For most of today’s walk, he cleverly managed this from the rear of the group. Well done, Chris!

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first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts