LOWDOWN Summer 2010 page 33

JEAN & DUSTY’S WALK & PICNIC ☆ Friston Forest:
9th May 2010 ☆ Jean Miller

We Started off on a very cloudy, but dry, morning - following the deluge we had on Saturday afternoon.

A total of twenty-six hounds plus owners took a steady climb up onto the Downs from the car park.

We then proceeded into the wooded area, to the delight of the hounds, who played ‘chase me’ with much barking and excitement. Luckily, this time we missed the dew pond!

When the walkers returned, those who had stayed behind had laid out a very substantial picnic which had been provided by all the members present.

We even had Banoffi pie, banana cake, all manner of savouries as well as various liquid refreshments.

Our two young ladies from Ipswich, Daisy-May and her sister, had camped the night before and were eager to finish the walk and celebrate, as it was Daisy-May’s birthday. We all gathered round and serenaded her with ‘Happy Birthday’.

Everyone was quite comfortable sitting in their chairs, chatting, eating and drinking.

The party eventually broke up at 2.30 in the afternoon, and I’m sure everyone had an enjoyable day.

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