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by Jean Miller - Walks Organiser

If you have not previously attended any of our walks then do give them a try. Basset Hounds are naturally pack animals and love the opportunity of ‘letting-off steam’ by chasing across the countryside together. Their owners quite enjoy it as well - they come from far and wide!

6th December 2009

The recent torrential downpours stopped just in time for this much anticipated walk. Twenty two hounds turned up and were rewarded by winter sunshine, though it was very muddy underfoot.

All the hounds seemed very pleased to be in each company as we set out through the forest. A brief time into the walk, dear Cocoa Harris experienced one of the fits that she has recently been having. This was very upsetting to witness, but she quickly recovered and continued the rest of the walk without, seemingly, any problems.

Chris took leadership of this walk and we headed along the woodland tracks, eventually we reached the broad avenue which cuts through the centre of the Cowdray Woods.

As the walk progressed, certain hounds and young members relished the plentiful standing water we came across, and enjoyed splashing water and mud everywhere.

As this walk was to be followed by the branch’s Christmas lunch, we were keen not to overly prolong this exercise and our merry band returned to the car park after about an hour of endeavour. Everyone hurried to The Red Lion at nearby Handcross; this, a new venue for our seasonal get-together.

Generally, there were very favourable comments about the good-value lunch. It was perhaps understandable that there was some delay in the serving lunch to such a large group, but this only gave members even more time to enjoy each other’s company.

One innovation this year was a raffle by which two people won their lunch. This caused some amusement - especially as one of the winners was our ‘first lady’, Jill Malin. Even though neither Brian nor Jill took part in organising of this draw, there was sceptical, yet good-hearted, barracking from some of the company. Helen won the other free meal.

Brian made a jolly speech, and announced the winner of the Walks Trophy. This goes to the member (other than from the committee) who has attended the most walks during the year. The winner was Beryl (and Roy) with Herbie and Josie.

Another presentation was the Winnie’s Wheelbarrow Award - given to the person who made the greatest contribution to LOWDOWN.

For her wonderful, well-honed and amusing adventures of Rolf and Clara, Sally King won the coveted, engraved glass, vase. Well done, Sally!

Drawing by Sheila Williams ©2010

This traditional, most enjoyable, branch event is surely the perfect way to start the season’s celebrations. I would encourage any who haven’t attended this event to come along this year you will have a great time!

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