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you have your say . . . . . . the only poll this year that matters!

Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to complete and return the survey which went out with the winter issue of LOWDOWN. This was intended to monitor the Branch’s success, or otherwise, in providing you, the membership, with the services you expect from us.

The concept of the survey being anonymous was not wholly understood by some members, as some were returned with Christmas cards, LOWDOWN contributions, and DVD orders!

As you know, the survey included a series of statements about various aspects of the Branch which invited agreement or otherwise. Though very broad-brush, these surveys can be very instructive in accessing satisfaction levels. Importantly, included in each section was an opportunity for members to add their own comments - some of these were very interesting.

Twenty-two forms were returned, which represents about 35% of the total that were sent out, and many more than is normally expected for this kind of venture.

As you know, you were asked to respond to statements made about the various aspects of Branch activities and services. To each statement you could either agree strongly, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree and disagree strongly.

Each section included space for any additional comments that you wished to make.

The results of the survey, together with your additional comments, follow:


The Branch generally provides a good service to its members

  • ‘Great!’

  • ‘A brilliant service. x’

  • ‘Excellent’

Belonging to the Branch is an important part of my/our Basset Hound ownership.

  • ‘Absolutely vital’

  • ‘It’s bought a whole new level of fun and enjoyment and my dog loves it’

Branch membership is good value

  • ‘The subs are such good value, they’re worth it just for the magazine’

Basset Hound Club membership is good value.

  • ‘What value? All we get is a badly put together newsletter aimed at breeders’

  • ‘But members who do not show their hounds are puzzled by paying a subscription far in excess of a branch sub when it is their branch who arranges walks etc. The club needs to boast of its achievements and not appear so remote’

  • ‘The club is really for show owners and breeders. It does not offer much for pet owners’

  • ‘What club? Just a dull newsletter’

I am/we are satisfied with the venues and number of walks organised by the Branch.

  • ‘Sadly, I work on a lot of Sundays. Any chance of evening or Saturday walks?’

  • ‘Yes, the walks are great - more venues would be nice’

  • ‘Prefer longer walks, possibly different venues within Ashdown Forest or other areas’

  • ‘We would probably do more if available! Fantastic outings for the dogs and us.’

  • ‘Living where we do, makes it a long way to travel to attend the walks’

  • ‘I live at Northiam near Rye so most are a bit too far away’

  • ‘Just one walk on the east of Essex would be lovely’

  • ‘Now moved, perhaps in future walk in Kent’

  • ‘Always a great selection that can be undertaken by young and old alike’

I am/we are satisfied with the type and number of other events organised by the Branch.

  • ‘Most events are held on Sunday, which is not a good day for us due to our circumstances’

  • ‘Just one event over on the east of Essex would be lovely’

I/we have attended a Branch Fun Day in the last three years 73%.
I/we have attended a Branch walk in the last three years. 68%.
I/we have attended other Branch events in the last three years 50%.
I/we have attended a Branch AGM in the last three years 36%.
I/we have an email account 59%.
I/we would be interested to receive email updates about Branch activities - if this service were available (of those with email facilities) 100%.
I/we intend to renew my/our Branch membership for 2010. 95%.


Lowdown is generally an interesting read.

  • ‘Fantastic! What a difference from the previous effort. Well done, Tony’

  • ‘One of the best Basset Hound mags available’

  • ‘Love reading Lowdown, particularly because we now know so many of the contributors and hounds’

  • ‘Really great! A big improvement on what we had before’

  • ‘Great read’

  • ‘A professional, interesting read. Tony, you’re worth every penny!’

The content of Lowdown is relevant to me/us as Basset Hound owner/s.

  • ‘Great! Some very interesting articles - lovely photos of members enjoying their walks - totally relevant’

The balance of articles in Lowdown is generally correct.

  • ‘Yes, can’t wait for the next one’


I/we can easily navigate the website to find any information required.

  • ‘Another marvellous innovation the Branch has made. Great site! Well done, Derek’

  • ‘Excellent website’

  • ‘No, I do not have a computer and I hope that I never do!’

  • I/we have internet access 68%

  • I/we have visited the Branch website (of those who have internet access) 76%.

  • I/we regularly use the website to get information about the Branch (of those who have internet access) 70%

The website is an important tool in finding details about Branch activities.

  • ‘Always checking for dates of walks etc.’


  • ‘Wish we’d known about it before!’

  • ‘It’s all great fun and Lowdown is a brilliant magazine - full of wonderful stories and Basset chat. I love it! Well done to all!’

  • ‘The website is one of the best Basset Hound sites in the world’

  • ‘Well done!’


Well, there we have it - with quite a bit to digest.

The most obvious conclusion must be that the Branch is doing much that is right - with a whopping 95% respondents agreeing that the Branch is providing a good service (or better) and 96% think that the Branch is good value (or better).

The walks attain a satisfaction rating of 81%; the newsletter and the website received no neutral or negative responses.

Can I congratulate my colleagues on the committee for their hard work achieving these remarkable results? I know that they will carefully analyse this survey and use it as a way to improve even further this wonderful Branch.


This survey was conducted in 2010, before we extricated ourselves from the yoke of the Basset Hound Club, when most of our current (2017) committee were on the committee of the South East Branch of the Basset Hound Club. Other than, no longer being a branch but an independent club, as can be seen from LOWDOWN, what we offer now is very similar to then. Unlike members of its branches, Basset Hound Owners Club members do not have join the Basset Hound Club. Of course if they wish they can. As can be seen above “Basset Hound Club membership is good value” is the only question with which members ‘strongly disagreed’.

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown
first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts