LOWDOWN Summer 2009 page 28


by Jean Miller - Walks Organiser

(ED. I just want to add that some new members came to this meet - I think that they really enjoyed seeing the pack of fourteen couple enjoy this sunny, spring morning. So, a very special warm welcome to each of them - this is what the club is all about).

AIRMAN’S GRAVE ☆ THE HOLLIES C. P. - Ashdown Forest:
12th April 2009

We started off from home in the morning with drizzle and mist. But, on reaching the car park it had stopped raining and was even getting a bit warmer. Several members of the committee queried if we had made a mistake picking Easter Sunday, as so many other things seem to be happening then.

Much to our surprise, we totalled twenty four hounds and twenty eight members - Jean, Alan and Leo who arrived after we left, did their own walk.

On the way to the Airman’s Grave we came across a lost Shih Tzu who was immediately surrounded by a group of Bassets. He was not at all disturbed by this, and a little further on we met his anxious owner, who was delighted to be reunited with him.

Airman’s Grave itself is very interesting, set in the middle of a clearing in the forest, surrounded by stone walls. (Ed. See photo above). (Ed. See photo left).

There were quite a number of poppy wreaths all marking members of the R.A.F. who died in the area during the Second World War.

When we got to the bottom of the hill there was a lovely pond and quite a few Bassets had a little bath.

We continued on our return journey when a horse and rider came past. Myrtle raced after the horse and Chris did a very good job of rescuing her - Basset, not horse. I later heard that the encounter with the pretty female rider - all riding boots and whip - still features strongly in Chris’ lasting memories of this walk.

When we got back, Jill and Brian kindly gave an Easter egg to each human and treats to the hounds. Many thanks, Jill and Brian, from all of us.

(Chris, please note: we are returning to this venue in September - so get that horse liniment ready!)

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