LOWDOWN Summer 2009 page 26

LONG CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
15th March 2009 ☆ Jean Miller

We picked a beautiful day for this walk, and had a total of twenty eight Bassets and one Staffie together with their owners. Jill and Brian’s Cooper managed the walk at a grand age of fourteen years. Well done, Cooper!

Our route took us downhill to a stream with steep banks; which we all got over safely - with a bit of help. Some of the Bassets were carried over, but our Annie refused until it was found that there was an easier way over (thank you Chris and other friends).

We continued on this quite long walk and came upon some horses, also a group of Collies - all enjoying the wonderful weather.

When we arrived back at the car park some members, who for various reasons cannot manage these long and quite hard walks, had had a wonderful time just sitting in the sun and enjoying the surrounding forest.

Lastly, I would congratulate Alan Humphrey on his brilliant effort of actually coping with an almost two hour walk on two sticks. Basset Hound owners are very hardy .

(ED. I just want to add that some new members came to this meet - I think that they really enjoyed seeing the pack of fourteen couple enjoy this sunny, spring morning. So, a very special warm welcome to each of them - this is what the club is all about).

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