LOWDOWN Summer 2009 page 21


by Jean Miller - Walks Organiser

If you have not previously attended any of our walks then do give them a try. Basset Hounds are naturally pack animals and love the opportunity of ‘letting-off steam’ by chasing across the countryside together. Their owners quite enjoy it as well - they come from far and wide!

7th December 2008

(Ed. Jean and Dusty skipped the walk and went directly to the pub, so the report below is mine.)

THE WALK. Those who went on this walk last year will remember the relentless rain - this time it was so different. This lovely morning was crisp and frosty with a winter sun lighting the Christmas-card landscape. Twelve couple, with their owners, turned up eager to celebrate the occasion, all behaving impeccably. It was a joy to see new members taking considerable trouble to attend the event.

We all followed Chris into the forest without question - his innate leadership qualities inspiring confidence in both man and hound. Once among the trees, the sunlight streamed through the tree canopy making the forest resemble the interior of a gothic cathedral well, except for all the barking.

Our small expedition took a short, circular route through the forest and quickly reached the broad natural avenue which cuts through wood. Recent rain had left the ground wet and muddy. Dear Pam fussed around her hounds, intent upon keeping them out of the mire and shepherding them to a drier course so they would remain in their original pristine condition she badly failed!

We try to keep this walk quite short - but, as we climbed gently back to our cars, we all felt better having spent an hour or so in the wonderful fresh air. We then made our way in convoy to the Crown to meet up with our fellow members who were not on the walk.

THE LUNCH. The roaring open wood fire was a welcome sight for the walkers arriving at the pub and the first round of drinks certainly hit the spot.

The common consensus was that the meal was disappointing and not good value. That said, the company was super and I think most of us enjoyed the few hours that we were together. Brian announced that Sue and Terry’s hounds, Rosie, Maisey and Lola, had won the Walks Trophy well done to them. The new Winnie’s Wheelbarrow Trophy awarded to the best contribution submitted to LOWDOWN went to Trudy Allen and Mollie. Trudy could not attend the lunch so she will be presented with it on the next walk.

Brian announces the new

Jean presents Sue and Terry
with the Walks Trophy

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editor Tony Roberts