LOWDOWN Summer 2008 page 28

LONG CAR PARK WALK ☆ Ashdown Forest:
16th March 2008 ☆ Jean Miller

We woke to the most horrible weather. Cold and wet - very wet!

As we approached the car park we thought there would only be a few people there on such a bad day. But, when counting up everyone, we were amazed to find we had twenty two and a quarter Bassets plus owners. All decked out for very bad weather. To explain the quarter, this was a three month old Basset named Josephine who spent the walk being cuddled by her owner, Roy, in his dry, warm car - Beryl and Herbie being on the walk.

We had quite an eventful walk to say the least. Real wellie weather with mud, rain and lots of big puddles. On this occasion, I managed to keep my feet! Unfortunately, Rebecca was not so lucky and landed in the mud. Also, John lost a shoe which was retrieved with help from Brian.

We got half way round and found we could not go through the usual end of the walk, so we had to retrace our steps and go over the assault course again! In spite of everything, when we arrived back at the car park, the comments were, ‘It was great fun’, ‘Looking forward to the next one’. The hounds had a lovely time and looked disgusting. Well done everyone who attended.

(Ed. Absolutely, the atmosphere on this walk was fantastic and the hounds were in their element. Jean negotiated the slippery terrain as sure-footed as a mountain gazelle - if there is such a thing.)

Cover of the Basset Hound Owners Club newsletter Lowdown

first published in LOWDOWN

editor Tony Roberts