Huguette Vanden Weghe

Many will know Huguette and John together with Hastings and Inch, our Belgian members, from our walks. Luckily for us Huguette & John split their time between two homes, one in Belgium and the other in Sussex.

The Winter 2013 edition of LOWDOWN let us into the secret of Huguette’s books.

‘Het hard en zacht huis’

‘The hard and soft home’

Published in 2004, this book is the third in a seven part series aiming to make opposing concepts clear to young children, particularly to those who have difficulty with the abstract. In this case what is soft, what is hard. Some objects are soft, some are hard (some are neither). A sound might be too soft to hear, might be too loud or sudden that it is hard to bear. What might cause something hard become soft. Flakes are hard but made soft by milk. Chocolate is hard but becomes soft if left in the sun.

More details of Huguettes publications may be found on her website. Helpfully for those of us with typical English lack of language skills google can be called upon to attempt a translation.

Huguette’s collaborator, Sam Bosua’s illustrations show “what a real Basset does in normal life - being very social, enjoying eating, going out for a walk, and sleeping”.

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