How did this unique looking dog come about?
Why does it look as it does? What is its purpose?

These questions are quite naturally asked by anyone seeing this large hound on short legs. So, what are the answers?

Well, the Basset Hound is no modern invention. Certainly, it is not one of these questionable designer dogs one sadly reads about.

It is the result of careful selective breeding over many centuries.

As with any history which spans such a long period, assessing the true facts is not always clear and rarely straightforward. The very early period especially, is obscure and subject to some debate. What follows is what I consider to be the most compelling consensus of the various accounts.

I hope that for those not already familiar with the history of the breed they will be intrigued enough to read more comprehensive versions of this breed’s fascinating story.

Tony Roberts © 2008

Tete de chien courant, a portrait of a Basset Hound by Toulouse Lautrec

Tete de chien courant (1880)
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec
Musee Toulouse Lautrec
Albi, France

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Introduction Part 1
The Origins
Part 2
The Basset in England
Part 3
The Foundation of the Modern Hound
Part 4
Todays Basset Hound
Basset Hound History